Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Trip July '13

This was a multi leg road trip that was a mix of pleasure a business. In 11 days Wifey and I traveled 5000 miles and 13 states and it was worth it.
This was at the end of the first leg of our travel. I was invited to Galveston TX, to talk was a class of O.T. student at UTMB.  It only took us two days to get there, so sadly we did not get to stop in @PigeonForge. We love the flea market there, after a 2 day drive finally got to our hotel in TX. It was so worth it and had the whole next days to relax and spend time with each other. At the gig I found out that it was the last of class for the 2013 class of students. Maybe this why it was hard to  get the Q&A started.  This time I had an easy ice breaker. I asked, if you go to college at the beach, where do you go for Spring Break?  That just set tone for the rest of the conversation.
After the engagement we went with few of the professors and students to the "The Original". I was told this was the birth place of the Margarita. A movie star asked the bar tender for a drink that is sweet and salty.

Of course during our drive we observed many of these, it seems like we do most of our traveling later in the day. The only draw back to that is that we had to keep the hotel to let them know we will be having a late check. One time I book a room with those value hotels, I only did that once. when we did get the place, no one was there to check us into our room.

But the best sunset had to be this one:
 One night as we were driving, it was like someone put together a playlist for us. Every song that come on the radio fit us the T, here are the songs in order.
People In Sky
Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads
Some song about sunset
The only song missing was David Bowie - Heroes

#heyjack as soon as you hit Alabama these duck fellows have merchandise all over the place. #heyjack the only thing I want is this cup for my real jack. You got that jack?

 While we were ending our stay in TX. Wifey and I decided to go onto New Orleans since it was only a six hour  drive. Who know when the next time we would be this close will be?  Before we even left TX, we got our Bourbon to drink on Bourbon street. Driving into the city we drive right pass the Super  Dome still lit up in purple. We finally made it, only 6 months later thou!  Our hotel was right on Canal Street, it turned out to be a great location to explore from.  We got settle, started to do laundry and had a few drinks so the exploring had to wait until the next day.

 I was really amazed at how accessible Canal Street was, all side walks had ramps. Even more impressive was that, I did not have to bump up any store steps and if the store did have a step there was always a ramp.  I really did not aspect to find this in such an old city. I wonder if this was part or the rebuilding effort after hurricane Katrina?

The next day Wifey and I had a whole day to explore New Orleans. This happened after we made our way down Canal Street, of course we took full advantage of the open battle rule. After we got our Maker's Mark it started to rain, so we went to the casino and broke even while we had  a few cocktails.  Then went to take fairy ride, but had a half hour to wait so we ended up finding this for me to ride. It was so FRICK'N AWESOME!!!!
I am a bit surprise the operator do not give us much trouble about me being able to do this. Maybe  they if Drunk people can do this, why can't a disable person be able to Try? After I was done my ride, we heard a band playing down by the River side. We met up with another cool couple that was from out of town. The four of us spent the afternoon and night listening, dancing, and drinking to the band watching the huge ships go by while we were enjoying life. I hate to report that we did not even see Bourbon Street, but that just gives us another reason to return to New Orleans!

There is last adventure to talk about from our road trip, on our way out of Louisiana some how Wifey and I got the idea to take an air boat ride. This totally out of the blue and come as a give from a stranger.  While we were in New Orleans listening to the band, a gentleman sent over a hundred dollars to our table and picked up our tab. I think he would happy to know we used the money for an adventure then food, or drink.

So we pulled of the highway and follow the signs to a gator park, where they also do rides. We had a half hour before the next ride and started to look at the gator. Wifey was excited and scared at the time especially when we had to walk down the bridge that was fenced in on both sides and gator could swim under. I said this is like Indiana Jones, but nobody is going to cut the rope bridge.  It a cool ride, the boat guide kept trying to go fast, but the water was too high.  The boat guide also kept stopping to call gators over to the boat and feed them marshmallows.  He also said, the last season of Gator Boys was shot at this park.  It was a great way to end our trip and a better way to spend the gentleman's gift.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well This Sucks

I really liked this service, because one could use it through an IM app.   That way I could type the basic information I knew that I need to say, then I could cut and paste as needed.  To me this speed up the process for all.

SIPRelay® service will permanently cease on July 31, 2013
at 4 p.m. MDT.

We were grateful to provide the service for over 8 years and appreciate everyone who used SIPRelay. The new FCC compensation rates for IP Relay are too low to provide the quality IP Relay service our customers deserve. This is an unfortunate example of an FCC decision that was not based on the realities of the market and the needs of our SIPRelay users.

To continue using your SIPRelay number, you must port it to a different IP Relay provider. To find a list of alternate IP Relay providers, see

This change does not affect SVRS®. If you use ASL, you can transition your mobile communications to ntouch® mobile!

If you prefer to voice for yourself, we encourage you to try CaptionCall.