Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Reddit thread asked disabled people to submit their pet peeves.

My biggest pet peeves is being told to calm down when I trying to talk, or do something.
Is it really that bad to be call inspirational, or will we just end up cutting off our noses in in spite? Really I do not like to be put on a pedestal, I am not perfect by a long shot. I just go the things that I do get the success that I want out of life. Maybe when people call the PWDs inspirational, it might be their way of reaching to us not always from pitty. If you we keep telling people: don't do that, or don't do this at some they will stop trying. When someone says, I am a inspiration to them I act humble and explain anyone can do it when they have a passion.

For example ‪ableism‬ ‪#inspirational porn‬, I myself do not really know what this term mean. The other day I was chatting with a parent and for her all of the new terms are making the lines blurry. How are we going to make other people understand what we want if I may be guilty of contributing to these terms just being myself? Is it not our goal to educate the rest of society about people with disabilities so we are accepted?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Reaction To Date Line's on The Brink

While viewing the show:

Watching the Date Line‬ show, very frustrating are people just realizing the break downs in the system. This is the kind of shit my mom and I were dealing with 20+ years ago. The school system throws their hand up at the age of 21 and other service will not touch you until you are on the streets. what the hell man does everything really comes down to money, what the fuck does that say about us as a society?
Also what direction did the media want to take on the story. The system is not perfect and eats the good people up. I know that i would not who I am without my ninjas in place.

The morning after:

I cannot stop thinking about the dateline show on the Brink, at least no one can say it was inspiration porn. It would be easy to point figures at the parent and teachers, because they all knew the wall was coming. I still say the system just eats up the good people since they get tired of hitting the wall.  For me it makes me think if my voice as an advocate is really being heard, I think shows this can discourage as all. It just show how much more work there is to do.
With my generation we were told be thankful what you get, because people were still locking us away like we did not even exist. People say the young generation are rude, act like they are entitled to everything.  Really I do not think that is a bad thing for PWD, are we not entitled to be treated as equals as members of society. The system is just broken, even if we make too much money or fall in love our benefits are penalized. If you get too much help from your family, you do not qualify for services to make you independent.  Really the system is set up to make People with disabilities fail.