Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cromwell Valley Elementary Magnet School

Today was a blast at Cromwell Valley Elementary Magnet School, before Wifey and I arrived all of the students viewed the commercial. They split the school into two session, that was held in the lunch room. This was done so that everyone could sit in a circle as I worked on a drawing.  The students were engaged the whole time and really asked good questions. The best question was, when did I know my disability was an ability? I said my mom always show me that I  had the ability to do anything, she always let me try anything at least once.

Although, this event was about disability awareness the bigger issue is acceptance of all people no matter what!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Start of Many Memories

Today Wifey and I attended a service for Gayle; they said it was only the first of many just as Gayle and Crosby had three weddings. I have been thinking would this be the same as if they were an “able body” couple? They not only help and took care of each other at home, but also worked as a couple to progress the disability movement.

Here I sit a week from my 5th wedding anniversary, thinking how much Wifey and my lives are intertwined not because they have to be, but from our choice.  Maybe that is the different of a lover from a soul mate, you are there to support each other and catch one another in your failures and celebrate the good times.  Most of all these are the relationship that blaze new paths in the world and people talk about for years.

My heart goes out to Crosby, I know people like Gayle and my Wifey would want their man to move on. This seems to be impossible, how can one find another soul mate that can take of you physically, emotionally, and spirational.  One cannot do this and it would be unfair to hold another up to these expectation.