Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Wealth From Money, or Taking Care of People?

I lived in Virginia Towers, Towson, MD from 1997 to 2007 and what I have been hearing and observing in the past few weeks has been frustrating and disturbing. The other week we dropped our friend of on a Saturday night after a nice evening out and to my shock the visitor parking was full of valet parking for the new movie complex and the mall.

Yes, the Towers are subsidized apartment building for people with disabilities and the elderly. Since the parking lot was full of cars from people that are out for a night of entertainment, there is no parking for visitors coming to the towers. In the long run the residents will be the one that will stuffer, because people will be more hesitant to come see them due to the cost of parking, or the fear of being towed.

The other concern that has risen due to this new parking restriction is that any one in the building who has a personal care assistant could loose their help. Now the PCA has pay to park, or be towed and this might be half of their paycheck. Most people know that PCAs get pay next to nothing and now they will be talking home even less due to pay parking. Surely this will impact the quality of care being provided, why pay a towing bill that is more than one’s paycheck. I think the different agencies need to get involve to not only protect their clients, but also their employees!

Getting backing to the night we took our friend home, just because the residents of Virginia Towers get a break on rent does not mean they have no rights to parking. If this was happening at any other complex, the residents would be outrage. On my way home, I was sadden to see people are putting the opportunity to make extra income over the well being of people.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Artist Are Researchers Too

Bird 2014, Pastel on canvas 40in. X 38in. This is a very experimental piece, I was trying to combined two images that I work with often. I did an under drawing of the wheelchair icon and tried to blend it into parts of the eye. I think, I should play play with these two images in photoshop to develop it more.

I feel like PDWs have a sixth sense, as a way to protect them self from bad people. Would most people trust someone with banking information, or the things in daily life that wrong person could do a lot of damage with?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Improved to Art Demo

Brianna and I went to Towson Arts @ Ellen "Brit" Christiansen Memorial Fund (EBC)‪ Arts Center‬ for our weekly studio session yesterday and we were joined by a group of people from the The League for People with Disabilities, Inc. They saw the spot on WJZ this week and decided to come see the Art Show, not knowing that I would be there.

This is part of why I have a studio there, so I can answer any questions they might have and show people even thou this is not a typical "job" there is a need for places as this to bring the the community together on an equal ground. I would say they stayed for about an hour and the whole time the group was asking good questions.

Before they left their staff said, the he would like to return next week with another group because this would be a valued experience for all of his clients.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Tech Questions for The King

Here are some questions I just answer for a group of IT students.

What are some difficulties that you face while doing your art?
Most recently the problem that I have been having is sweating, my hair gets wet and my headstick falls.  Really the big problem that I face is when I try new mediums and have to figure out how to attach it to my headstick, or how too use it to my needs. This goes for any time I get a new piece of equipment, there is always a period of debugging.

Do you think that a robotic arm would make it easier for you to do art?
I think a robotic arm will be the same idea as using a computer for art and communicating. It takes out the human factor out of the process; maybe I just have not found the right software yet.

Do you think that a classroom environment would affect the way someone with cerebral palsy would learn art?
There is a need for both classroom and studio time, every artist needs to interact with their peers. This provides an environment of growth, to see what other student are doing and share ideas. Even if the disabled student does not produce art during class time, they might be thinking about how the conversations relate to the art. Just because someone is not an active participant in the group, does not take away from the value of being included.

Do you think that an electric wheelchair would help you do your art?
I have seen videos of people that attached paintbrushes to chairs and just drive their chairs around the canvas to make the marks. I have thought about getting a huge canvas and put paint on my wheels and make marks on the canvas. It would just be something to try. How would you really control where the marks go to create the image that you want. One would have to work from the center out and really have to plan everything out.