Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting back in The Studio

My friends at Make Studio met with an artist last week who is interested in becoming a studio artist with us, as he is beginning to emerge from a prolonged illness and would like to work in a supported studio environment. He is currently in a power chair, but hopes to be returning to canes before too long. He has an MFA and is an oil painter and a printmaker. It seems his participation in the studio will need to be entirely grant funded or funded through a scholarship.

My questions are:
Would this be something that DORS/DVR would fund, since he trying to get a career back?

Would he be more successful, if he applied for artist grants?

What other type of grants could he apply for?


Informational Links:
 Organizations that Assist Artists with Disabilities 
Grants for Artists With Disabilities
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation supports multiple funding programs. For the sake of organization, those programs are broken down into four program areas:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dirty Hippie VS. Mind Jedi

Breezy days are good, it blows the back door to. It is hard to pull a door close and control an electric chair with one good hand. Sometimes I put the dog leach on the door knob to pull the door shut, but it is a round knob and the leach slips off. So with a breeze, the door blows to and I can pull it close once Zarah and I are inside.  This is way I'm a dirty hippie VS. a mind Jedi.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Would Not Even Make My First 100 Days

As I was watching the NFD, I was thinking about how often I have been asked: "why don't you run for office"?  Wifey has even brought up the idea of political life for us.  The biggest problem is that I am an artist and ask to many questions.  I would rather be one of those guys that works on the out side. I am a democrat, but every time I do a post about voting, I do not say how people should vote. i just want people to vote, no one person or party is going to have perfect answer.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taxes Brought Down Al Capone, FCC Brings Down King Gimp

I had to get a new online relay account, it asked me to certify that I am deaf. So does that mean only deaf people are allow to use a relay service?  Now the FCC is going to come after my ass!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Thoughts 2012

"Banning Tom Kiefaber for his post and locking James RVincent O Neal " This is totally FUCKING BULL SHIT!!!! Nobody should be banned from FaceBook unless he is doing harm to someone, how can he be banned for expressing his ideas and feelings. If this is the case I might be the next to be banned, because I make a lot noise on here myself. If you do like someone's post, just don't read it!! Better yet block from your feed, I believe in self censorship!!!
I do not know all of the details that went on between Tom Kiefaber and Baltimore City.  I do know at the end the actions of the City were disgusting and shameful.  They just ripped the soul out of Tom and the Senator, so I cannot and will not go back to building!
Posted 11/31/12
If you think about snow is the closest thing to simulating a disability, because anybody can end up on their ass. This might be sadistic, when we would go to school late due to ice. On the bus I would laugh at people as they fall walked to their cars and bus stops.
Posted 11/29/12

Dan 1 : Zarah 1
Zarah and I were upstairs looking out the window into space and she must had heard Brooke moving around in her room. So Zarah barked and my hand flew up popping myself in the lip.  I gave myself a nice little bloody fat lip!!

Damn C.P. grip, Zarah was giving me some love on my hands. She happened to be licking the wrong hand when it decided to close around her tongue, talk about a high pitch yelp.  She walked away not to look at me, but we are over it now.
Posted 12/22/12

RT @EasyStand: Choosing good (and bad) PCAs @TiffCarlson. I always thought that disable people need to develop a sixth sense when it comes to trusting people, especially when it comes to PCAs. They are trusted with every aspect of one's life from banking to being intimate. In my case this skill was developed at an early age and has fine tuned. Maybe that is why I can paint portraits so well, but I tell when other gimps do not have this skill to read people. I really get scared for them, because the wrong PCA could really take advanage of this.
Posted 12/19/12

RT @DisInsight: Disability Insight: Caregiver "Scholarship". I think this is a good idea. Instead of it being for a spouse to go re-charge in a hotel, the "Scholarship" would be better for parents of a disabled child and a sitter the child. I do not think Wifey would want to go relax at an hotel and leave me at home.  We would rather be romantic at the hotel, that type of a recharge every couple needs.
Posted 12/19/12

Survey Says!!!
I am sure that I'm amongst the money who got a notice that I got a "raise" in my SSI. Happy, happy, happy, that was short lived.  Wifey and I went to the market and realized why I got an increased.  The food prices also went up, I recog that is why it is call a living wage adjustment!!!  

Posted 12/11/12

The new laundry detergent pods are great for the disabled. I wonder how much of a CP grip it would take to pop one of the pods. CP grip: when one cannot let go of an item and the more we try to let go, the tighter the grip gets.
Posted 12/10/12

When things/places are not accessible, I end up braking shit!!! :(:):(:)!!!!! Just ask Jennifer Toroni-Rodgers and Dale, I knock their clock of the wall a crack it.  They made it into a positive by putting a note the King was here.
 Posted 11/29/12

So we have mice problem and we but out those sticky traps since we are dirty hippies. This morning I am in the bathroom disrobing and my toe get caught in the trap, it was really like the cartoon.  I shook my foot, it got stuck on top of foot. I tried to kick it off with my other foot, the trap went to that foot. I finally use the toilet to pull it off. When Wifey came up the trap was stuck to the toilet and I had all over my feet.  Wifey had to clean my feet with nail polish remover. 
Posted 11/26/12

Wow, 1st time for everything! A gimp get called on the Price is Right and he got on stage via ramp. Though the ushers kept trying to push him, when he could push his self. If you find your self in this situation, it never hurts to ask.
Posted 11/26/12
Wifey think @JoshBlueComedy walks and I crawl like Mr. Snuffleupagus. Next time Josh and I get together, we might need to make a video of that.
Posted 10/5/12

When violators in gimp parking spaces for 2 mins. I want to ask, if I could kiss them for 2 mins.
Posted 10/5/12