Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Studio Visit from Fredrick High School Students

I had an awesome day, yesterday with the student from Fredrick High School. When they arrived at the EBC Arts Center, there was no rush to get with the program, we hung out and talk for a while about living life with a disability.

Then I got into doing a drawing, even than it was nice and chill just like a group of guys hanging out taking about life. The only problem was that we had to keep track of the time, since they were in school.  At some point their teacher encourage them to get on the floor and draw with me. Only one student took us up on this offer.

As he was transfer to the floor, I was thinking if I did that back in my day, people would be freaking out. Where as in this setting it seemed “normal” just as sitting down at a desk. My how times have changed, once you open the box the possibilities are unless.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Oaks, The land of Oz

The second question this week comes from Dino and he asked what is one of your favorite memories of The Oaks?

For those who do not know the Oaks is where I lived from the age of 5 until I moved on campus at TU and still live 5 minutes from the Oaks today. I have a lot of memories most of them are before everyone started smoking and other stupid shit. Here is a couple that just sticks out. For example, playing wiffle ball in our front yard and the homerun balls would end in the basketball courts be hide Charlie’s house. I would be having so much fun that I would pee myself, because I wanted to stay out. This was before the electric chair days, so I was still was crawling around.
The other memory is when I did have the power chair and pulled everyone up the hills on their skateboards. One night we were up at the Wiz riding around and I tried to make my chair do bunny hops by running into the parking blocks.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The King Gimp Book

I received two questions this week, the first one is from Maureen and she asked, “Will you ever write a book about yourself?”
I already do have a manuscript from all of the stuff that was not used in the film, but nobody would pick it up to publish. Of course now it is out of date, so it would have to be updated. For a couple years Wifey and I have been throwing around the idea of book, we just have not had the time to make it happen. This Spring I went to my see friend at TU who is an English professor, about getting help writing grants. She also mentioned that I could set up an internship for a writing to help edit my thoughts. A book is never out of the question; it might be a matter of timing.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services in Maryland

For those in Maryland, we are going through a change with how the PCA program is handled by Medicaid. The program used to be setting up just with a State  nurse who would deal with your whole case and come see you and your attendant 3 times a year.
Now the State is using a third party to have cases managed, I think some how its suppose to improve services and save the state some money. Now PCAs can get paid by the day, or by the hour. Also when they arrive at your home, they need to call in to help cut down on fraud. I was also told, if there was money left in my budget, I could use it to make accommodations.

With all new things there are pluses and minuses, so we will just wait and see. I just hope, this is not as mess up as the New Directions Waiver, the more I heard about that the more garlic I put on.

Friday, May 2, 2014

VSU Trip Side Note

So I was talk how VSU pulled together to make the most of my visit. On my last day of working in the print shop a Poli. Sci. Professor come by to see me. It turn out that she has a niece in KY with CP. the whole family seemed to an admire of mine. So I decide to give her niece a collection of the print we had been working on during that week.  This is the thank you letter I received from the family when they got the prints:

Dear Mr. Keplinger,

Thank you again for taking time from your busy studio and class schedule to sign and send these artist proofs prints to my Emma.  It was beyond generous, and I cannot thank you enough, as a mother--most especially as a mother of a child with disabilities. I am always touched when adults take that extra effort to treat Emma kindly. 

Now, Emma is on cloud nine, literally.  She was surprised that she got multiple, signed prints, as you can see on her face! She has not stopped smiling and admiring her prints since UPS delivered them earlier today.   I am so glad that my cousin, Mandi Bailey, from VSU, was able to come by and meet you for Emma.

Not only are you talented, but you are kind, generous, and compassionate.  You are such a wonderful role model for children. All children!  She thought you were the greatest before you gave her this art;  but now, you have an admirer for life.

I attached some photos to you earlier, via a Facebook message. I have attached some links to video clips herein.   In the videos, Emma shares her initial thoughts on receiving the prints from you, and then she thanks you.  We thought you could understand her better if she used her device!  I hope they work!  

The links, via You Tube:

Thank you again.

With our deepest gratitude,
Amy and Emma Davidson