Monday, August 15, 2011

August CCMS Conference in Des Moines

Once again I want to thank Jackie the committee for inviting Dena and I back to Iowa for the 2011 CCMS Conference. This was a nice size conference, not to big that you are not over whelmed by topics, but diverse enough to peek everyone’s interests. I still love the idea of presenting last. By that time I have a good vibe for the group and can gear my talk towards their goals.

I asked Jackie if this was our audition for hosting the Oscars. Since we did two back to back sessions for 1 and a ½ hours each, it was a challenge not to repeat our selves, but think Dena and I did a good job.

After the presentations, a mother of an autistic child come up to me and said thank you for explain your choice not using an ACC device. She said they tried using a device for communication, the mother notice that her child stopped communicating when not speaking for their selves. So they ditched the device, I always say parents know best for their children.