Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ron, 2019, Digital Media, 4200 X 24967 PX​

Ron, 2019, Digital Media, 4200 X 24967 PX
$600.00 Not for Sale
When I joined FaceBook, I had a lot of people connect to me that saw the Doc King Gimp and a few that also purchase a piece of my art. Ron was one of the lucky ones to own a piece of my art, the brave soul put it on a credit card. When he hung it up in his home, there was one color in the painting he liked so much, he painted the room that color. Ron is a graphic Artist, so we trade work my favorite piece was when he morphed me into the rabbit from Donny Darko!


  1. Do you have any art that is for sale? And why show a price of $600 if the art is not for sale?

  2. This digital painting is beautiful!!! 😍

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