Thursday, September 10, 2020

Self I


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Self I, 2/27/93, acrylic, 40 X 30 inches
$5,000.00 SOLD

I did this during my JR. year of high school and a lot of stuff was going down at home. Well at least, I put my teenage angst to good use. I always say this painting will be my flag for when I take over the world. This was the first piece that sold when I showed at the Phyllis Kind Gallery in NYC.

Talk about pleasure and pain, of course I was joyful to sell my first paint! It was just like ripping my heart from my chest as in the Temple of Doom. Once again, I flopped myself on the floor and buried my head in my knees, in middle of the packed gallery. I did know it was going to a good home at an office for disability advocacy.

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